As the cold weather approaches, so does winter driving. In order to keep the snow off the roads, road salt is spread. This salt is damaging to a vehicle, especially since each vehicle has its own set of tiny cracks and crevices. With a mixture of road salt, water and humidity, you essentially have a breeding ground for rust to formulate.

An oil undercoating, or oil spray as some call it, is meant to coat those tiny cracks and crevices in a layer of oil to prevent your vehicle from rusting. When the road salt, water and humidity meet where oil has been sprayed, you are a lot less likely to have a rusting issue.

The most susceptible time for rust to develop is during the winter thaw when temperatures are rising and snow is melting. The salt that has been sitting on your vehicle has been patiently waiting for the warm temperatures. The science to rust on your vehicle is that as soon as you have warm wet roads mixed with the salt, the salt becomes active and starts to corrode away at your vehicle.

With all of the above in mind, the best time for an oil undercoating is before the first snowfall, ensuring you have a few dry days for the oil to settle in. Sometime, you can even do extra damage control by getting a second undercoating when spring comes. As long as you are consistent with an annual oil undercoating, or semi-annual (depending on how much rust protection you want), your vehicle should continue to stay rust free.

If you are asking yourself when a good time is to get an oil undercoating, the answer is now!

Call today to book your oil undercoating 519-323-1114.


Small Car $80.00 + tax

SUV/Van/Truck $115.00 + tax


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